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Truck Event Superdik - 9 & 10 June - Soesterberg (NL)

Superdik, the new truck show with only the coolest show trucks. Friday evening 9 June and Saturday 10 June you can admire about 250 show trucks up close. Click on the banner for more information.

GIS family

Jan Jaap

JJ for insiders, the founder of GIS. If you want more information about how it all started, please visit this page. Thanks to JJ's dedication and keen eye, GIS has become what it is today with its services.
In his free time, JJ loves to mow the lawn and of course polish his fleet of vehicles. #washingalwaysmakes sense, even in the rain ;). He is now mainly focused on product development and also visiting and organizing events. With his perfectionism, he comes up with the coolest ideas. Want to know more about our events and the latest news? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter!







Are you getting a new truck soon? Or are you an owner-driver and want some accessories to make your truck look cooler? Are you a truck builder or truck dealer? Or do you just want advice on what would look great on your truck? Then you need to talk to Jos. He can advise you incredibly well. He knows exactly what suits you and your car and what is technically possible. Did you know that Jos's own truck has been rewarded as the most beautiful in the Netherlands? Jos is the right person for you. You can call us at +31(0)348-234444 or email: [email protected]. Jos is absent on Wednesdays, because, well, he wants to keep on driving ;)



If the #gishunk would exist, it would be Jasper. Jasper is our jack-of-all-trades. He was hired for marketing, but besides always looking good himself, he also makes sure that GIS looks good. He keeps the website and socials in order. Even the events are well organized by Jasper. He also writes our newsletter, if you have a suggestion or a question for Jasper? Call +31(0)348-234444 or email [email protected]. On Fridays Jasper enjoys time with his handsome girlfriend and daughter.






Demi is our financial conscience. In principle, you don't want to have anything to do with her, because then everything goes well. ;) In addition to taking care of the financial administration for GIS, Demi also likes to spend time with her own horse. Do you have a horse that needs massaging? Then she is also the right person for you.




If JJ had had another son, it would have been Jesse. Jesse manages the daily operations as a shop manager, so the GIS team can turn to him with all their problems. We start every working day with a briefing under his inspiring leadership and the pleasure of a cup of coffee. Jesse then sharpens everyone. He has been working for GIS for years, so you probably know him! He is our walking encyclopedia. Furthermore, Jesse is involved in the GIS team: recruiting, managing and entertaining as a member of the party committee. Do you also like to work with us? Check out our vacancies!





Pascalle is the only real #gismeisje. She is our first employee. Many of you have already talked to her on the phone. She is now retired from phone duties and mainly deals with customers with damage or lost packages. If you have a problem with your package, email [email protected]. Besides being the #gismeisje, she is also a horse girl. In her free time, she likes to work with her own horse and ponies.



If your car has just been delivered with the #fullgispackage, Tim would be happy to come by. As a photographer, Tim takes the most beautiful photos of your newest truck. Tim is a multitasker. He helps Jasper with the website with photos and videos. In addition, he also works in our warehouse. And if Bernike has a day off, it may be that you will speak to Tim on the phone . Tim works at GIS full-time. If you would like Tim to come and take photos of your car, please email [email protected].






Bernike is responsible for creating a good atmosphere both in the office and with our clients. She makes everyone happy and joyful, and is our "happiness officer". You can turn to Bernike with all your questions, such as when your package will be delivered, what payment options are available, whether a product is in stock, if there was an error in your order, or if you want to pick up your order in Lopik. No question is too much for Bernike. When you call, be sure to take your time, as a former hairdresser, she loves to chat, and even though she's new here, she feels right at home and organizes the most fun team outings on behalf of the party committee. Did you know that Bernike is not completely unknown in our little world? After all, she grew up in the transportation world. You can reach her by phone at +31(0)348-200002 or by email at [email protected].



Are you curious about who takes care of our products? Who ensures that packages are all neatly and on time delivered? That's our Dennis, our warehouse manager. With a team of intelligent guys, sorry, no girls yet, he runs the warehouse. Did you know that our warehouse guys put the handwritten cards in your order? Our warehouse is across the street, so if you want to pick up your order or admire our warehouse stars, you should go to Lopikerweg Oost 53D. Of course, in the beautiful town of Lopik. Between 12:30 and 13:00 hours they are not available, as they are enjoying a sandwich with their colleagues in the Barn.







Everything we sell also needs to be purchased, of course. That's what we have Paul for. Do you want to know more about our procurement process? Do you want us to sell your products? Then please contact Paul. You can email him at [email protected] or call +31(0)348-234444 and select the purchasing/administration option. Paul works full-time, and yet we still have backorders. In his free time, Paul is always busy washing his car and hitting a golf ball on the golf course. And did you know that Paul exercises before work?



Rinke has been working with us in the warehouse since summer 2022. He is studying marine biology, about fish and such. By now he knows more about trucks than he does about biology. Even though he has never visited a truck show, but that is about to change. At the lunch table, Rinke is like a biology teacher, he thinks he knows something about everything and is not afraid to share his knowledge. In his spare time, he likes to read books.






Edwin is in his graduation year, something to do with security and police so watch out. At the moment, he only works on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Did you get a handwritten card with your order? If so, it was probably signed by Edwin. When Edwin is at work you can hear the foulest hits through the speakers. Edwin spends all his earned money on soccer shirts, we won't say which club. 




Brian is graduating this year, studying commercial economics. Brian works Thursdays and occasionally Saturdays. Thursday is our big packages day, Brian doesn't work for nothing then, he likes to lug around. In fact, in his spare time he likes to stroll around the gym with his girlfriend. 




Mark Willem

Mark Willem is our real student, he is in a study association where he likes to drink beers on Thursday nights for 1€, you can't blame him :-). He also occasionally opens a study book and manages to delight us a few times a week with his cheerful presence. You can run into us Markie in the office and in our warehouse.



Allard works with us on Fridays, he mainly works in the warehouse and sometimes in the office. He studies ICT, so comes in handy at GIS.
He supports Jasper and Tim by preparing everything that goes on the website. 






Wilbert is our newest addition. With years of experience as a car mechanic, it is very nice to have someone with technical knowledge in house. Wilbert is not only good at the rough work, because in his spare time he likes to build trucks on scale model 1:24. Wilbert works full time.



David is our one and only sandwich king, with his 3 layer sandwich with cheese and herb butter he is a real trendsetter. He can have it because he is also our one and only GIS Fitboy, he works as a personal trainer on Mondays and Fridays. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday he easily works away all your packages, nothing is too heavy for him.




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